Coolifting returns to Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Coolifting resumes its presence in international actions with its participation in Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, after two years of suspension of the fair due to the global situation.

The Barcelona brand will attend again as an exhibitor, in the same way that it did until its last celebration in 2019. This new edition in 2022 has moved dates and will take place between April 29 and 2 May at the Bologna Fair, Italy.

Despite these last two difficult years that we have all experienced, Coolifting has not stopped working on its revolutionary concept in order to improve it and develop new products such as CoolShine, the luminosity and nutrition effect vial to apply with the Coolifting system. This continuous development is what has led the brand to become an innovative benchmark and it will show all of this in a design stand focused on the professional public. In addition, demonstration treatments will be carried out so that the attendees themselves can see for themselves the spectacular results and advances of this technology at stand C34 in Hall 29.

Coolifting will be represented by the management team, with the CEO Mr. Philippe Plan at the head, as well as several of the more than 50 international distributors that the brand has on the 5 continents.

This new presence at Cosmoprof, perhaps the most special of all, will serve to show the good health enjoyed by the brand and will allow the distribution network to be expanded throughout the world, maintaining strategic alliances and consolidating our current collaborations.

Cara Delevingne trusts Coolifting

Top model Cara Delevingne has been the latest celebrity to join Coolifting, as she shared on her official Instagram profile.

The British supermodel shared a video of the moments leading up to the shoot, where she was relaxed, content and happy to be about to receive the Coolifting treatment. Cara Delevingne, one of the best-known faces on the world runway, wanted to make her more than 43 million followers participate in this moment, which took place at Face Gym London.

In this way, the actress and singer also joins the current of celebrities who join the Coolifting concept after other references such as Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton All of them, knowledgeable about the aesthetic world and aware of the importance of their image, have not doubted in betting on a revolutionary, effective and fast treatment that is available to everyone.

Coolifting 2

From Coolifting, we continue to develop our technology to improve and achieve new goals. We have implemented a series of improvements to create a new device. The biggest change so far. The latest evolution. A new generation: Coolifting 2.

The improvements cover different areas to generate a global experience, both for the user and for professionals:

  • Total stability: a continuous, homogeneous and stable flow that provides greater use of the active product. The homogeneity in the flow benefits the penetration of the serum since the paradoxical vasomotricity is more continuous.
  • Greater intensity: the session becomes more intense compressing the treatment into 3 minutes of full application. After that, it is recommended to leave the patient to rest for between one and two minutes before doing the massage.
  • Increased autonomy: the duration of each total battery charge has increased by 38% to increase the number of treatments that can be carried out with a single total charge.
  • Optimized interface: new user experience when using the device, with a more modern, intuitive and manageable design which enables the configuration of the type of session to be performed (Coolifting, CoolClear and CoolCell) or to change the language.

Discover the new Coolifting 2, the biggest change so far


Celebrity tried Cooling and posted to video of the treatment in her official Instagram account.

Coolifting continues on the move. This time as a consequence of a very special user: Kim Kardashian. The celebrity tried the treatment at Skin Thesis Center in West Hollywood, California, USA.
Kim K shared with her millions of followers a video where it is showed how she receives a session on her face through a “story” on their official Instagram profile. In this video, the business woman and model smiles satisfied as result of the treatment. She worte “It doesn’t hurt” and placed a filter of hearths coming out from her head joining the post.
This publication from Kim Kardashian is added to other celebrities post about Coolifting such as Paris Hilton and confirms that it is one of the most surprising and disruptive treatments that are currently present in the market and the world’s leading fashion and trends influencers are joining it.

Coolifting, the beauty gun, is born

Revolutionary registered system to perform a shocking facial rejuvenation.

The treatment consists of projecting a power CO2 flow, combined with an extremely high concentration of atomized actives at a very high pressure and a very low temperature.

The attenuation of the facial wrinkles and the facial rejuvenation have always been the corner stone of aesthetics.

Until now, the proposed treatments combined long sessions with scarce results or else, some timid result by enduring traumatic and invasive treatments. But nowadays, the rules of the game are changing: the Coolifting futuristic technology is here: a simple, fast and effective treatment that opens-up a new spectacular, unique, innovating and non-invasive anti-aging concept to fight wrinkles and for facial rejuvenation.

The Coolifting gun projects a powerful CO2 flow on the facial tissues, along with an extremely high concentration of atomized actives at a very high pressure and very low temperature. It is a non-invasive treatment and thus, not painful. The application pressure and temperature are technically controlled by specific software, so that its perception doesn’t represent any discomfort.

The cold CO2 flow (cryophoresis) and the atomized actives combined with the high application pressure (barophoresis) on the epidermis causes an intensive penetration of the Coolifting actives and an exponential increase of its effects. The thermal shock caused by bringing an external intense cold source suddenly to the skin, which is normally at 36ºC (97ºF), generates a dermis reaction, deep and instantaneous, while stimulating the underlying tissues. For that very same cause, the circulating vessels contract and expand alternatively to counter that cold contribution (action known as paradoxical vessel-motricity). On top of that, we must add the benefits generated by the cryocarboxytherapy (CO2): it activates blood micro-circulation, it induces production of collagen and elastine and it increases the tissues oxygenation.

All of which means a double effect: on the one hand, an immediate lifting effect, which means eliminating the superficial wrinkles, reduction of deep skin-folds and skin smoothing; on the other hand, a during rejuvenating effect, visible by an intense collagen and elastine stimulation, dermis regeneration and skin texture and quality improvements.

Coolifting is designed to easily treat facial wrinkles, both the expression ones and the gravitational ones: eyes outline, forehead, frown, cheeks and lips’ zone.

Coolifting has been totally developed in Barcelona by a team that has combined state-of-the-art technology with the excellence, thus delivering this revolutionary system.


Next May 18th will be the official presentation of the revolutionary facial treatment in Barcelona.

Waiting is over. Next May 18th, 2015, Monday, The Beauty Gun, the new Coolifting anti-aging system will be presented in Barcelona.

The event, lasting the whole morning, will consist in a presentation by the Coolifting system developers’ team, who will explain in detail what exactly is this method, fast, safe and efficient, how it works and why it is such a revolutionary method. Later, a direct session will be carried out, explaining the procedure, step by step, by Doctor Hernán Pinto, aesthetics doctor and manager of the Aesthetic Specialties & Aging Research Institute. Afterwards, all the comments and questions presented by the assistants will be answered.


Coolifting has been presented in Barcelona with a great acceptance by estheticians, therapists and professionals who have been able to check by themselves this revolutionary facial rejuvenating treatment.

CooLifting has been presented in Barcelona with a great acceptance by estheticians, therapists and professionals who have been able to check by themselves this revolutionary facial rejuvenating treatment.

The event presenting the new CooLifting facial rejuvenating system has been a smashing success. The act, celebrated at Casa Capell (Barcelona), has been attended by a great number of representatives of Catalonia’s and part of the rest of Spain’s main esthetic centers, who have enthusiastically welcomed the new system.

The best national beauty influencers, such as Alejandra Prat, Gisela, Patry Jordan, Aishawari, Mónica Sors, Sylvia Salas, Vanesa Basanta and Lorena Vilanova have also been present, trying the treatment to their full satisfaction, as reflected in their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Coolifting presentation has also created a wide media expectation, with more than twenty communication media being present, both generalist and specialized: La Vanguardia, Marie Claire, Diez Minutos, Lecturas, Vida Estética or Beauty Market, among others.

At the end of the day, a healthy brunch was served for the assistants, so that they ended with a good taste in their mouths, both metaphorically and literally.


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Coolifting triunfa en Salón Look Madrid

Exitosa presentación del dispositivo en Madrid con una gran acogida por parte de los participantes en la feria, así como una gran asistencia al stand de Coolifting que lo confirman como la gran novedad del mercado de la estética.

Coolifting ha vuelto a cosechar un nuevo éxito en la presentación del dispositivo en Salón Look Madrid, tras haberlo hecho en mayo en Barcelona. Tanto profesionales como público en general acogieron de la mejor manera posible este novador sistema de rejuvenecimiento facial.

El equipo directivo atendió personalmente a la multitud que acudió al stand de diseño en la zona Beauty Tech de Salón Look, y las profesionales realizaron sesiones a los interesados ininterrumpidamente durante los tres días de feria, superando el centenar de tratamientos.

Por el stand de Coolifting no solo pasaron profesionales estéticos nacionales, sino compañías internacionales de Japón, Italia, Portugal, Francia o Suiza entre otros.

Este éxito de Coolifting en Salón Look lo confirma como la gran novedad del mercado de la estética.


The demand for the fantastic and innovative new Coolifting system, has been gathering momentum since its launch in May 2015. After a splendid launch in Spain, international interest has been swift. In just 5 months, the Coolifting system is already available in 15 countries worldwide.

The United States of America, France, England, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Turkey and Andorra. These are the countries that are already changing the rules of cosmetics with this fast and effective concept, to achieve a lifting effect without surgery.

The progression suggests that the Coolifting system will soon be available in fifty countries. “We had planned that the international expansion would begin in January 2016. However, the demand from other countries, has been such that we advanced the release out of Spain,” said Beautygun SL CEO, Philippe Plan. He states: “We are not surprised that Coolifting is well liked, because it is a really innovative device, there is nothing like it in the market; however, we are surprised that it has established as quickly in such powerful markets as the U.S.A and England”.

The Coolifting system performs a drastic and effective treatment in just 4 minutes which leaves skin looking visibly smoother, hydrated and glowing in just one treatment. Further treatments can induce a younger and more lifted appearance to the face.  The treatments are quick, painless and non-invasive. Coolifting is the most spectacular and express face lifting treatment, which can defy the passing of time. It is a revolutionary registered system that blitzes the facial tissues with a combination of a strong CO2 flow, with a high concentration of atomized ingredients. This combination accompanied by very high pressure and low temperatures provokes effective and incredible results.



Coolifting estará presente en STS Beauty Barcelona para atender a todos los interesados y realizar demostraciones en directo. Además, organiza una sesión especializada sobre la técnica a cargo del doctor Hernán Pinto.

Tras un inicio fulgurante en sus primeros 6 meses de vida y con el éxito cosechado en SALÓN LOOK Madrid en octubre, Coolifting estará presente en STS Beauty Barcelona entre el 13 y el 15 de febrero en el CCIB-Fórum (Centro de Convenciaones Internacional de Barcelona) en el stand 2E12, en el Pabellón de Exposición de Estética.


Además, Coolifting realizará una sesión Beauty Corner: “COOLIFTING: NUEVA TECNOLOGÍA QUE REALZA LA BELLEZA DE LA PIEL”. La sesión la conducirá el Dr. Hernán Pinto, Director del Instituto de Investigaciones para las Especialidades Estéticas y del Envejecimiento, en la cual explicará detalladamente el funcionamiento de esta innovadora técnica y hará una demostración en directo. Se trata de una sesión abierta a todo el mundo que se celebrará el sábado 13 de febrero desde las 16:00 horas.

La participación y previsible éxito de Coolifting en STS Beauty Barcelona lo confirman como la gran innovación del sector y un ‘must’ para los centros de estética en 2016.