Coolifting 2

From Coolifting, we continue to develop our technology to improve and achieve new goals. We have implemented a series of improvements to create a new device. The biggest change so far. The latest evolution. A new generation: Coolifting 2.

The improvements cover different areas to generate a global experience, both for the user and for professionals:

  • Total stability: a continuous, homogeneous and stable flow that provides greater use of the active product. The homogeneity in the flow benefits the penetration of the serum since the paradoxical vasomotricity is more continuous.
  • Greater intensity: the session becomes more intense compressing the treatment into 3 minutes of full application. After that, it is recommended to leave the patient to rest for between one and two minutes before doing the massage.
  • Increased autonomy: the duration of each total battery charge has increased by 38% to increase the number of treatments that can be carried out with a single total charge.
  • Optimized interface: new user experience when using the device, with a more modern, intuitive and manageable design which enables the configuration of the type of session to be performed (Coolifting, CoolClear and CoolCell) or to change the language.

Discover the new Coolifting 2, the biggest change so far