Designed to provide luminous glow and essential nutrients from the very first application and a relaxing aromatherapy sensation.


For young skin to give a revitalized, luminous skin that’s soft to the touch. Fast, effective and safe facial treatment together with a daily gel cream to complement.


Plant based ingredients like Kombucha, which softens and refreshes the skin; honey extract, which contains multiple purifying antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, and aloe vera, which improves skin tone and elasticity. All of these ingredients are perfectly complemented with hyaluronic acid bases and bio-illuminating peptides.

  • CoolShine Vial

    The treatment is applied via a vial to the affected area. Non-invasive and painless, the CoolShine is available at any one of CoolLifting’s centers. The treatment provides the vitamins and minerals to give duller skin a luminous shine.

The sesion

Simple, effective, non-invasive and fast treatment: 5 minutes that will give your skin shine, luminosity and elasticity.

  • CoolShine Cream

    Fast-absorbing, light cream contains floral notes and is a natural, everyday way to brighten your skin and increase elasticity.
    Made with a high content of hyaluronic acid, bio-illuminating peptides, and natural tensing elements that provide your face with every necessary nutrient. Other ingredients include Vitamin B5, an antioxidant, and plant-based ingredients like acaí, argan oil, gotu oka, and ginseng extract.