The demand for the fantastic and innovative new Coolifting system, has been gathering momentum since its launch in May 2015. After a splendid launch in Spain, international interest has been swift. In just 5 months, the Coolifting system is already available in 15 countries worldwide.

The United States of America, France, England, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Turkey and Andorra. These are the countries that are already changing the rules of cosmetics with this fast and effective concept, to achieve a lifting effect without surgery.

The progression suggests that the Coolifting system will soon be available in fifty countries. “We had planned that the international expansion would begin in January 2016. However, the demand from other countries, has been such that we advanced the release out of Spain,” said Beautygun SL CEO, Philippe Plan. He states: “We are not surprised that Coolifting is well liked, because it is a really innovative device, there is nothing like it in the market; however, we are surprised that it has established as quickly in such powerful markets as the U.S.A and England”.

The Coolifting system performs a drastic and effective treatment in just 4 minutes which leaves skin looking visibly smoother, hydrated and glowing in just one treatment. Further treatments can induce a younger and more lifted appearance to the face.  The treatments are quick, painless and non-invasive. Coolifting is the most spectacular and express face lifting treatment, which can defy the passing of time. It is a revolutionary registered system that blitzes the facial tissues with a combination of a strong CO2 flow, with a high concentration of atomized ingredients. This combination accompanied by very high pressure and low temperatures provokes effective and incredible results.