Celebrity tried Cooling and posted to video of the treatment in her official Instagram account.

Coolifting continues on the move. This time as a consequence of a very special user: Kim Kardashian. The celebrity tried the treatment at Skin Thesis Center in West Hollywood, California, USA.
Kim K shared with her millions of followers a video where it is showed how she receives a session on her face through a “story” on their official Instagram profile. In this video, the business woman and model smiles satisfied as result of the treatment. She worte “It doesn’t hurt” and placed a filter of hearths coming out from her head joining the post.
This publication from Kim Kardashian is added to other celebrities post about Coolifting such as Paris Hilton and confirms that it is one of the most surprising and disruptive treatments that are currently present in the market and the world’s leading fashion and trends influencers are joining it.